Wooden Headboards

If you think that your bedroom decor is lacking in style and sophistication, complementing your bed with a stylish headboard will instantly upgrade your interior design. You would be surprised to note how such a small addition can actually give your room a completely different look.

Headboards come in a variety of interesting materials, finishes and shapes which offers a wide choice of different styles. While a metal headboard will often create a modern design to your bed with simple lines or bold shapes, headboards made from wood are a more flexible option. Depending of the wood species, the design and pattern you choose for your wood headboard you could create any style for your interior bedroom be that a rustic, contemporary or sleek modern look.

Whether it is made from solid oak, light pine or rosewood mahogany, wood is always a natural choice when it comes to furniture because of its resilience and timeless look. Wood is a great material since you can make headboards in any shape. It welcomes a variety of different finishes, although it is also beautiful left unfinished, so it will perfectly suit whatever theme you would like to create for your bedroom interior.

The best thing about a wooden headboard is that you can very easily customise it. If you can no longer stand the traditional look of your pine headboard/ bed, the good news is that you can paint the natural blemishes with a thick layer of colour and cover it with your favourite liberty fabric. For most DIY enthusiasts, you can even go ahead with an upholstering project for a classic wood headboard, which would be more difficult with metal furniture.

You can browse a great collection of stylish metal and wooden headboards at Wedo Headboards UK to find inspiration. Decide what type of headboard will work for your bedroom decor and add that finishing touch to your bedroom’s look.