Smart Homes, Smart Living

Have you ever compared a house to a car, technologically? If you do, you must be wondering why do these automobiles have such advanced control systems that are able to do all sorts of things automatically and remotely like locking and unlocking the car doors, raising and lowering the side windows, adjusting the angle of the side mirrors and it even does the cleaning on the back and front windshields itself, but why can’t we have these sorts of technologies in our houses?

For years, it has been a dream of many people to live in an automated smart home, where pretty much every section, appliance and device in the house can be controlled conveniently simply from just a single point of management. Just like what we’ve had in our automobiles, our houses too can be operated with intelligent sensors such as door sensors, motion sensors, temperature sensors, rain sensors, light sensors and so forth.

Smart homes are often designed with security in mind. You will have the ability to watch over your entire home through a convenient screen or remote control access connected via radio frequency. On top of that, you can also implement a wireless network which lets you monitor and take control of almost anything in your house including the lights, curtains, music and video players, televisions, web cameras, temperature control and such, all by using your mobile phone or laptop even if you’re miles away from home.

In case of emergencies, the automated system and security sensors can help you notify the fire fighters and police forces as well, under certain necessary circumstances. With all these smart security features, you can be rest assured that you and your family will always be safe and sound at home. If you have a lot of technology in your house that you would like to insure, you can visit for more information and to check out the different options.

If you’re aware of this, living in these smart homes can actually encourage and help us to “go green” as well since they are typically designed to save energy, resources and cost in the long run. With the advanced technology that we have now in most of our daily home appliances, they can detect the presence and absence of the users easily by using their automatic sensors and provide a reminder to the user to switch them on or off when necessary, or better yet, they can actually do that all by themselves which helps prevent energy wastage.

So when you forgot to switch off the lights, fans and air conditioners before you go out, they will automatically be switched off. If the door is not locked, it can be done remotely or automatically. The water is not too hot or too cold for you in the bathtub. You will always be in a comfortable level of temperature because you know you already have it all under control. Sounds fun, isn’t it? All the small troubles that we’ve had at home last time will never bug us again! Using an integrated automated home control system such as the Control 4 system can definitely make life at home a lot easier.