What's New in Kitchen Design

There have been many new ideas in kitchen design that have arrived in 2012 and that will stand the test of time. Modern fitted kitchens have evolved considerably over the last few years and the latest ideas in kitchen design give more opportunity for kitchen designers to create unique schemes that are truly individual.

Ranges of kitchen door finishes and colours have grown enormously and its common now to mix different areas of the kitchen to create a complimentary contrast which can be effectively used to highlight features and functions. Even the names sound more appealing, how about gloss truffle combined with truffle oak veneer.

This image shows a combination of washed Oak and cafe latte which is far more appealing than had the kitchen been in only 1 of the finishes. It also shows how kitchen design now allows the kitchen units to form living areas.

As kitchens have become larger and open plan living more popular the requirement to blend the kitchen into the living space is now an essential aspect of modern kitchen design.

Curves have been a recent addition to kitchen units and although these require a large kitchen space to be effective they provide a much softer look to the design and are also very practical.

Handleless kitchens are now a major part of kitchen sales and seem to be set to continue to grow. The look is very sleek and suddenly handles on doors look out of place. There are several methods of creating this look and a favourite is the Y-Line shown here. The rear of the door has a metal trim recessed into it as a finger pull and there is a matching rail behind it.

As we all know parties always end up in the kitchen and with kitchens like these they will probably start there too.