Roman Blinds

Use Roman Blinds to add a Touch of Sophistication

Do you want to add a touch of sophistication to your house? Then a great way to do so is to get a set of roman blinds. These trendy window furnishings have a distinct look that adds a touch of glamour and exoticism to any room. They come in a wide range of colours, so it is easy to find a set that will fit in with your decor giving you an attractive but urbane look.

There are some important things you will need to take into account if you do decide to buy some roman blinds. There is a huge range of blinds out there and the number of options can be overwhelming so it helps to consider some important factors first. The most important is to consider the function of the room that you are buying for. For example if you are out fitting a bedroom then blinds with a heavier fabric to block out light and retain heat would be the best option. Whereas in the living room a lighter fabric may help people relax and give the room a warmer feel.

The factor to consider is what effect do you want to achieve, for example do you want them to draw the eye to the window, or would you prefer a more subtle effect? Either way it is essential that you choose a colour and design that complement the room. Roman blinds come in a huge range of colours and trims, from natural browns to fuchsia. For this reason you should always ask for some samples before you buy so you can check what will work well.

The main advantage of roman blinds is that they are far less common than blinds such roller and venetian blinds. This means that by using them you will get your own unique look, helping you to stand out from your friends. These hardwearing blinds are very simple to take care off. All you need to do is dust them regularly. The curtain attachment on your hoover is a great device for doing this.

It is also important to make sure you have measured the space they need correctly. Roman blinds will usually have a drop (the distance from the top to bottom of the blind) between 30 and 220 cm and a width between 30 and 240 cm. When calculating these measurements it’s important to remember to take both drop and width measurements from either end of the window and the middle so as to allow for an irregularities. In addition if the blind is to be fitted within a recess you need to take 1.5cm of the width to allow the blind to fit.

The simple appearance of Roman blinds offers a great chance to create a sophisticated look. They will add an element of class and the slight touch of exoticism that to any room that they are used in giving it both depth and personality. They work particularly well paired with wooden floors and lots of cusions.

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