Different Types of Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are always a great solution when you are planning to create a larger space in a bedroom especially if it's for your children. Since the beds are stacked, sharing a room with siblings can turn out to be more comfortable than a large single bed and you will have plenty of space left in the room for them to play around or to place more furniture.

Bunk beds come in a huge variety of designs, shapes and sizes. Below are some of the most common types of bunkbed furniture which I believe will be suitable for just about any sort of children bedroom and you can definitely find these in your local furniture stores too.

First we have metal bunk beds, which are a very popular choice because of their fine durability. Metal bunk beds are available in many color selections so you can be sure to find one that will be able to coordinate with your bedroom style. There are quite a lot of bunk bed designs now that are manufactured to accommodate two different sized mattresses. Often in this type of design, a full or double size bed mattress is placed on the bottom bunk and a smaller size twin mattress will be on the top bunk, with a ladder which is molded right into the metal.

Secondly, there are loft bunk beds, which are designed with a space underneath the top bunk that can be used to place other sorts of furniture such as a desk or dresser. The large space underneath can be turned into a workplace with a desktop computer or it can be an ideal place for your smaller children to play with their toys.

Next, L-shaped bunk beds. These are actually consisting of two unconnected frames as the bed at the bottom is not attached to the mainframe and it is oriented in a different position than the top bunk, thus making an L shape. These bunk beds may take a little more space than the common ones.

Lastly we have, triple bunk beds. Just like a traditional bunk bed with two bunks, a triple bunk bed comes with an additional bunk stacked on top of the second. Some of the triple bunk beds are designed in a way that the third bunk is connected to the second or top bunk, which also makes an L shape that fits into the corner of a room and it has a huge space underneath for the bottom bunk. Triple bunk beds are really a great room space saver if you have many children sleeping in the same room.