Turn Bathroom Into Fengshui Spa

Often when you take a vacation, one of the first things you think about doing is to get a massage or visit a spa, for some relaxing down time and rejuvenation. But with today’s fast-paced lifestyles and never-ending options for staying connected, people are having a harder time unplugging and unwinding, and certainly finding the time to take a restful vacation away is harder than ever, as well. One solution that has become more popular is to apply the principles of rest and peace, such as those found in the ancient art of “feng shui” (literally translated as “wind-water”), to their homes. Adding the elements of feng shui to home bathrooms is a great way to enhance a spa-like atmosphere that you can access anytime, no matter how busy you are. Learn about some easy ways to turn your own home bathroom into a peaceful feng shui spa, and add more peace into your life from the comfort of home.

Feng Shui and Water Flow

Feng shui, an ancient Chinese art thought to be able to direct the flow of positive energy into a person’s life and space, has many applications for enhancing a bathroom space. Because feng shui focuses on directing the flow of both positive and negative energy, which tends to be concentrated in areas with great water flow like the bathroom, there are some easy things you can do to create more positive energy in your bathroom space. The two easiest things are ones you can begin doing right away – to keep your toilet lid closed and your bathroom door closed at all times. This both decreases the potential for odors to reach other parts of the house and contains the flow of water out of your home away from other parts of the house. If you need to replace fixtures which have worn out or are leaking, such as vanity sinks or a toilet, shopping online can get you great deals at lower prices than what you might find in a retail store.

Create Your Feng Shui Spa

At this point, you may need to exert more effort and perhaps invest some money into creating a feng shui-based spa feel for your bathroom space. Feng shui energy is attracted to clean, light, bright places with lots of mirrors, good scents and running water. While this last may seem counter-intuitive, given the need to contain the outflow of water, continually circulating water within a space is thought to enhance the flow of money and positive energy through the household. You can purchase a small tabletop water fountain to put on top of your sink and leave it running. You can add mirrors in places that do not reflect the toilet area, and this will enhance the reflection of light in your bathroom and brighten up the whole space. Adding live plants at any height higher than the toilet will also aid in the circulation of fresh air and healthy energy. Candles, incense and air fresheners can also aid in this effort. Be sure to use organic, natural scents, such as soy candles, wherever possible to keep the air fresh and free from toxins. Another way to enhance the feng shui spa feel is to keep your bathroom warm but ventilated. Having a window that you can open when the weather gets cooler and making sure to open the bathroom door to air out after a shower can also aid in air circulation, especially if you don’t have a humidity vent.

Customize Your Feng Shui Spa

As you work to create the flow of positive energy, light, air and warmth in your bathroom space, consider in particular anything that detracts from the peace you want to feel while you are getting ready in the morning or at night. Adding in small luxuries like fluffy towels, a warm fleece bathrobe, photos of moments with friends and family, a small area for your pet to recline and be with you can further transform your own energy while you are in the bathroom. If you enjoy listening to music or watching television while taking a bath or getting ready, consider adding in these fixtures as well, to enhance the positive energy in your bathroom space.

About the Author: Rebecca Marconi first learned about the ancient art of feng shui several years ago. She has since helped her clients, as an interior designer, incorporate the concept into their homes and offices. Often, she finds herself purchasing products off sites such as DecorPlanet.com to help her with her projects.

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