Thuka Beds for Children

Thuka beds are widely used these days especially as children’s beds. These beds make the place best manageable to house two or more children. The number of people and thus beds varies according to your own need. Thuka beds are luxury beds with unique styles and types. What I like the most about these beds is that they make room not only spacious, but quite attractive. You can provide your child all in one place while at the same time, making it more manageable for child and you as well. Children always love colors and so do the adults. You can have it according to the choice of your child or have a setting of your own which you think will fascinate the child the most.

Thuka beds are available in unlimited designs and structures. But there are some types which are most common. Some features and types of thuka beds are as follows:

High sleeper beds:

High sleeper beds are also named as bunk beds. Bunk beds with stairs are very common. There can be two or three beds stacked in a frame. Some prefer just one bed in high sleeper form so that they can avail the space below for other setting such as placing wardrobe, study table, book shelves, sofa etc. sometimes; the setting is such that you can have both beds and study table in one place. These beds have proper arrangement of light and make sure the comfort for the child. Usually, study lamps are attached at proper place with the bed. Some beds have shelves or cabinets attached to them to make it more comfortable and easier to use.

Mid sleeper beds:

Mid sleeper beds are also termed as cabin beds. These beds are less in height. As suggested by the name, cabin beds have more cabins and have more storage space. There are two options available in these beds. You can covert the area into storage boxes and drawers or it can be turned into a small room for kid by having a tent like design. The child can use it as play area. Mid sleeper beds provide a lot of options for younger kids. Some beds have slides attached to it. The stair case also contains drawers. So these beds have a lot a storing capacity.

Children get a room plus play/study area at the same place in form thuka beds.

Standard thuka beds:

Standard thuka beds are full size beds as for adults. These can be used both for adults and children. These are comfortable and cozy according to the standard that you wish and choose.

So, thuka beds are a better option for smaller rooms and bigger space. There are also other forms of these beds with slightly different features. The choice of design, style and combinations of colors are also of your own choice. These children beds give a diverse look to the room and are more attractive to children as well as adults. Creative styles give children a hint of reality to their dreams.