Three Seater Sofa to Style Your Home

They may appear bulky and boring, and can be too large to manoeuvre, which makes it difficult to change the room around. Perhaps these are some of the reasons why people tend to opt for small settees or chairs over a 3 seater sofa. However with more and more variety of new designs today, ranging from minimal to cozy, the large 3 seater sofa has never been so adaptable. There is always a sofa to fit all needs.

If you are looking for an eye-catching standalone piece, then the quirky Casatua Day bed sofa by Studio Copenhagen is your ideal choice. The Casatua Day design playfully combines a retro feel of the 60's and a touch of Bauhaus styling to produce a truly striking piece. Although the sofa is large at over two meters in length, it still appears slick and modern without overruling the room. Its quality upholstery material makes it the perfect place to chill out and unwind in style and its movable cushion seats ensures comfort is at its highest level without compromising style, hence maximizing this sofas versatility. The Casatua Day bed sofa comes in a wide range of colours, varying from powder blue which creates a serene atmosphere, to dark brown for a touch of sophistication.

If a cozy three seat sofa is what you are after, the Hamilton breaks the sofa mould with its modern take on comfort as its relaxed design creates a casual approach to design furniture without losing the appeal of a classic leather couch. Oozing with comfort, it keeps its smart appeal by using muted colour tones on its quality leather fabric. The Hamilton 3 seat sofa is perfect for a lounge area as somewhere to kick back or even for study. The versatility of this piece is one of its winning factors.