Stylish Sofa Alternatives for Your Home

Buying or renting your first property can be a rather expensive business and furnishing your home within the first few months of moving in can be a real challenge, especially when investing in pricier purchases like sofas, dining room sets and electronics. The sofa in particular can be the biggest and most essential purchase for your first home, giving you the furnishings you need to accommodate guests and finish your living room space, however, with the average sofa often commanding a four figure sum, it helps to get thrifty.

Check out these affordable alternatives to the sofa, and stylishly furnish the living room in your new home, after all who says you have to have a sofa!

A Moment of Zen

Taking some inspiration from Japanese homes is our first tip when searching for your own stylish alternative, large floor cushions can offer a great way to unleash your creativity in your new home. Available in a range of colours, materials and patterns, floor cushions provide a cosy space for you to enjoy. These floor cushions are also available in pet proof and washable finishes, making them a stunning yet functional addition to your lounge.

Beanbag Furniture

Beanbags have long been considered the perfect companions for kids and gamers but they also provide a cost effective and interesting addition to any living room. Beanbags come in many shapes and sizes providing an excellent modular seating option for your space. Beanbag chairs, loungers and beds can all be used to furnish your living room. There is even the opportunity to accessorise your beanbag furniture set with a matching footstool or bean bag cube.

As well as being available in a range of standard and bespoke colours, prints and finishes to suit your chosen décor, beanbags can also be packed with foam instead of the usual bead filling providing increased comfort for you and your family.

Lounge Chair Sets

For those looking for a space saving option as well as an alternative that offers optimal affordability, investing in a lounge chair set instead of a sofa can prove a viable option. Whilst couches are great for stretching out, utilising a set of lounge chairs within your living room can really add a twist to the traditional. Lounge chairs can also be easily moved around the room for a furniture set that changes with your décor and layout. Want to combine the comfort of a sofa with the flexibility of a lounge chair? Then the cuddler option (also known as the loveseat) may be a great buy, these chairs are designed to fit two people comfortably creating a cosy, communal furniture option.

This post was written by Rucomfy, a UK-based beanbag designer and manufacturer. Rucomfy has been providing the world’s homes and businesses with the very best alternative furnishings for the past 30 years and provides an extensive range of beanbags, cushions, petbeds and throws.

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