Storage Beds

Storage beds are ideal for small spaces where extra storage or floor space is most needed. The designs are advanced and the bed once associated with children's bedrooms has progressed to suit any style of room.

Depending on the purpose of the room, there will be a storage bed to suit your needs. They are still ever popular for use in children's rooms and the nice bright and imaginative designs make them ideal for such bedrooms and for storing toys, games etc.

Beyond the children's bedroom, however, storage beds can suit even the most stylish of rooms for the most stylish of adults. The design savvy know the importance of utilising space in a small area. The bed will most likely be the largest item of furniture in a bedroom; rather than using storage boxes to hide junk under the bed (we have all done it!) why not make the storage area of the bed a feature of the room rather than simply the practical choice or completely disguise the storage area by purchasing an ottoman bed.

If you have a box guest room, whereby a double bed would make the bedroom look too small, for practical purposes, there are storage beds with an additional trundle bed stored underneath to pull out when required. These are ideal for those who live in small houses or flats with limited space but still wish to have guests stay over. They would suit a guestroom that might only be used sporadically but are necessary for practical reasons.

The storage beds featured on provide a great balance of style and practicality to suit any room, from a children's bedroom to a main bedroom or a guest bedroom.