Putting Some Spring Into Your Home

After the dark winter months, spring brings milder weather, sunshine and new growth. New life and light makes us feel better, more positive, motivated to do things and get out into the fresh air and exercise. Look for signs of spring around you, and use them as inspiration to brighten up your home.


Typically, with warmer weather and more daylight hours, many of us feel inclined to indulge in some spring-cleaning. Throw open the windows and work your way around the house with the vacuum and duster, tossing cushion covers and bed linen into the wash. Maximize the light that comes in through the windows by cleaning them inside and out. Trim back any shrubbery that is blocking the windows on the outside and remove items from windowsills. You may also want to freshen up windowsills with some crisp white paint and wash or replace curtains to give your windows a new lease of life.

When cleaning, work from top to bottom so that any dust or crumbs that fall to the floor will get picked up by the vacuum or floor cloth. Have a general declutter throughout every room in the house. Give carpets a spring clean; use a carpet cleaning company to avoid the hassle, inconvenience and risk associated with cleaning your carpets yourself. Action Chem-Dry Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Mississauga is an award-winning company that uses environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic processes to remove stubborn stains, pet stains and black edges from carpets. As well as fresh smelling, clean carpet, the carpet cleaning process removes allergens that can cause family allergies from carpet fibers.

Bring the colors of spring into your home

Spring is about new growth, birds singing, blossom, flowers, trees and buds. Replicate this with home furnishings; reupholster chairs in bright, bold, floral fabrics, or choose some cushions or covers with bright, vibrant designs. Balance strong colors with neutral colors so that the room doesn’t feel too cluttered. Think yellow daffodils, sunshine, white tulips, green stems, twigs, verdant leaves, pink blossom, peach and coral pink, blues, violets, purple bluebells. Add a vase of flowers or a bowl of citrus fruits – these can be real or fake, though real flowers will bring the scent of spring into your home.

In the bedroom, strip the bed linen and if possible, choose some fresh, floral bed linen. It may be time to relegate winter clothes, blankets and duvets into storage to make room for summer clothes. Use a fabric spray or air freshener to add beautiful, fresh smells. In the garden, clear away leaves and winter debris, cut the lawn, jet-wash the patio, tidy the borders, plant some shrubs and get the patio furniture out from storage.

Look around you for signs that spring is seeping into your life, and use what you see for inspiration. Say goodbye to the dark, winter evenings and embrace the coming season by preparing for fresh new life, new colors and smells. Just around the corner are the warmer summer months, balmy evenings and barbeques. Welcome the coming seasons by bringing spring into your home.