Simple Home Improvements for Better Mobility

One of the drawbacks of living longer is that many people suffer a decline in their mobility in later years. It is a natural thing for joints to stiffen and muscle mass to decrease; meaning that even those who are otherwise in extremely good health can find the simplest of tasks become more difficult.

Of course there are also a great number of people who suffer from physical conditions which limit their mobility, in some cases extremely severely. Various chronic conditions that can start much later in life and cause only a minimal impact can often begin to be much more demanding and cause more serious challenges as the years advance.

Muscle and joint disorders such as arthritis and rheumatism are the most common and can take many forms, some of which can be very debilitating. Neck and back pains that are common to many can also get worse with age and make parts of a daily routine become difficult and sometimes impossible to continue.

Here are three major domestic improvements that are common solutions to problems arising from these kinds of conditions.

Bathroom Modifications

One of the most basic individual needs is to be able to use bathroom facilities with a minimum of fuss and often this is seen as a marker as to whether an individual can pursue an independent lifestyle without the need for outside care intervention.

Mobility baths take many forms from side opening, front opening to full on 'wet room' installations and come in a range of styles and fittings suitable for all circumstances.

A Stairlift

Many people think of a stairlift as a piece of equipment that is mainly for the use of the most seriously disable when it comes to mobility issues and it is a gratifying thing that society as a whole has recognised the benefit of the devices and as such they are now a common sight in public access areas.

In the home a simple stairlift can be of immense benefit and sometimes even halt the need to move to a single story dwelling altogether, meaning that people can stay in their long term homes.

Easy Access

Often it is the simple things that can cause problems, to get up the stairs or to get up and down from a sitting position, and these simply need a little boost that is otherwise lacking. In such cases the subtle and simple addition of 'grab bars' around the home can have a dramatic effect on the daily lives of many.

For wheelchair users front door access and places around the house where there are different levels differentiated by two or three steps can pose problems, but these are easily solved with the placement of simple access ramps.