Seven of the Most Creative, Eye-Catching Sinks Available

You've spent countless hours tracking down the ideal marble vanity, natural-stone tiles and you found yourself obsessively musing over the benefits of an adjustable shower head. When it came time to think about the sink, you probably pointed to the tried and true model at your local home improvement store, believing it was your only option. Don't make the mistake of falling into this trap, because there are several engaging, eye-catching and downright odd options in modern sinks found throughout the internet. Here are seven of the coolest sinks available, and a few ins and outs of their installation and price.

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7. Your Sink as Night Light

Turn your sink into a makeshift nightlight by purchasing an illuminated, wall-mounted model available through several websites, including Amazon. The sink is constructed from lightweight polyurethane and features a programmable LED light, which creates a unique glow without producing any heat.

6. Waterfall Sink

The title of this sink it's pretty self-explanatory. The waterfall element is the sink basin itself, with the water being introduced through a single faucet mounted a few inches above the basin. The effect is dramatic, but don't let the seemingly involved installation process keep you from purchasing this sink. It's fairly easy, and might not even require professional assistance.

8. Recycled Tire

Believe it or not, a contemporary urban design firm is actually reclaiming tires and turning them into works of lavatory art. The 24-inch tire is painted with blue and white stripes and outfitted with a durable copper bowl. The unit is then affixed to a shelf and mounted directly to the wall. On top of that, the manufacturer attached a slender towel bar beneath the basin itself, which adds function and a little pop of interest to the already unique piece.

5. Perfect for the Kids

In an effort to reclaim a little privacy, many homeowners are providing their children with a separate bathroom. If this is your intention, make it as kid-friendly and fun as possible by giving your little ones a sink especially designed to remain functional and whimsical. An Italian design company manufactures wall mounted sinks and countertop vessels in the shape of a soccer ball. Another option is a basic vessel sink adorned with a variety of painted images, from koi and flowers to Mickey Mouse.

4. Erosion Sink

Many are discovering the multiple uses of an often overlooked, although eco-conscious, material: concrete. Show your love of the earth, or geology, by outfitting your bathroom with an erosion sink, which mimics an organic erosion pattern. The manufacturer of the sinks touts not only its look, but also the blend of byproducts and reclaimed material used to create this unique lavatory.

3. Pebble Sink

Beyond being eye-catching, pebble vanity sinks will also keep your guests and family members amazed with their deceptive simplicity. To create the look, pebbles are intricately arranged in a mold, and held in place by a resin that becomes transparent as it dries. The pebble sink is widely available across the web, but be prepared to spend a small fortune on shipping, as the majority of manufacturers and distributors are based in Asia.

2. Sink/Toilet Combination

In many parts of the country, limited space is an everyday reality. The average New York City apartment is between a meager 400 to 500 square feet, which doesn't' leave much room for extraneous appliances and furniture. Enter the sink/toilet combination, which features a small basin affixed to the toilet's top, but there's more to this design than meets the eye. Once you flush, the water flows through the tiny faucet before entering the cistern tank, and eventually the bowl. You're actually able to wash your hands with the same water used to flush the toilet!

1. Aquarium Sink

Extreme fish tanks are being incorporated into a variety of objects, including cars and beds, and they are even being used to create entire walls in many homes. It's only natural that a manufacturer would eventually incorporate this design into a sink basin, allowing you to create a dramatic feature while creating a basin your kids will actually enjoy using. This sink might be the solution to the age old problem of getting children to brush their teeth.

Don't be surprised if you have trouble tracking down any of the aforementioned sinks at your nearby bath showroom or home improvement store. Instead, scour the internet and remain vigilant if the style you're after is out-of-stock. These unique models sell fast, as many are discovering the possibilities available to style a personalized bathroom around a unique sink.

This article was written by Ryan Tupper, a DIY consultant for Ryan has over 10 years of experience working as a plumber and contractor.