Fitting a Roller Blind Under Curtains

Although blinds are great for rooms decorated to look super modern and trendy, with traditional styles a window can sometimes seem naked when it isn’t framed by curtains.

However if you want to be able to make a room completely dark blinds are often the best option. Roller blinds are fitted close to a window so they minimise the amount of light that is allowed to stream through, yet they are much easier to maintain and manage than black out curtains. If you want all the advantages of blinds but a style that cries out for curtains, the solution is simple. Have both!

As long as you have a window ledge it should be possible to fit the blinds so they close on top of the window, but have curtains that shut over the top of the windowsill allowing both to be comfortably fitted.

As well as allowing you to keep the desired style this also have the advantage of helping to keep your house warm, as the two window dressings trap a layer of air between them helping to insulate your windows, an area that would normally be guilty of letting a large amount of heat to escape.

Having two window dressings also allows you a lot more choice when it comes to the kind of lighting you want to allow into your room. Whilst closing the blinds can make it almost completely dark no matter what time of day, closing the curtains will allow in only a soft light, often filtering only certain colours depending on the curtain colours. This means you can create a wide range of different moods in the room by experimenting with ways of using the different window dressings.

You do not need to choose between blinds and curtains, if you install both on your windows you can benefit from the advantages that both offer.