Renovate Existing Flooring Instead of Changing It?

If you find the flooring of your home damaged or maybe just "outdated", rather than changing from tiles to vinyl or buy wood-like flooring, why not renovate the existing one? With little investment you can transform your damaged or dated floor into a new and elegant decor that delivers the best feature to the interior of your home.

Why renovate rather than changing it?

It's easier, faster, greener and more economical to renovate an existing floor compared to removing and replacing it with another. And by changing its color, you can completely transform the atmosphere of a room. In addition to that, the treatment doesn't require you to rework the room environment or involve tedious labours such as planning down doors or changing the baseboards.

What are the process involved in the renovation?

The first phase is to prepare the ground, filling in the missing pieces, repairing and gluing which sometimes may require an upgrade. For vinyl flooring, you'll need to conceal the holes and repair joints that are damaged. Application of these sealants can be easily done by DIY with the right tools, given the floor is in good condition and does not require special treatment. On the other hand, if the floor's condition is bad, it's better to call for a professional help.

There are many companies that can help renovate and change the color of the flooring, whether to light or dark, plain or checkered. It can be done for all types of vinyl and rubber flooring, linoleum, and also solid floors like tiles, concrete, marble and terrazzo.