Reclining Sofas

Recliners are a type of sofa seat designed to provide maximum comfort to your back when you are resting and relaxing on it. Reclining sofas can not only make you feel good, the best part of it is that they are able to create a positive appeal to your home interior as well.

Basically, a recliner is made up of metal mechanism, upholstery, leather or artificial leather, sometimes fabric. The variety of sofa recliners is overwhelming but among them all, three of these designs are probably the most desired and sought after:

Two-Position Recliners:
These are designed to function in two major positions in which one is seated and the other is reclined to around 45 degrees or the so called reading position. In addition, there is also a lift function to aid elderly from sitting to standing position.

A two-position recliner is not entirely covered with leather because the back and side panels are sealed with vinyl. Though that is the case, it is still referred to as leather sofas and makes it much more affordable than any other leather type recliners.

Rocker or Wall-Saver Recliner:
Unlike two-position recliners, these recliner chairs can lean to various angles and has the mechanism to rock when not reclining. Rocker recliners are much more popular, hence they have a broad range of designs and choices since they are more widely manufactured.

There is also a 'leather-vinyl' combination like the two-position recliner, but it is still going to be expensive. If you are opting for the wall-saver option, you can place the chair much nearer to the wall but have to drop the rocking function.

Push Back Recliner:
Most of these recliners are fully covered with leather making them much more stylish but at the same time more costly. For such a highly priced chair, it has all the detail-oriented designs, styles, tones and trimmings.

In fact, the only body part that recline when using this chair is our back. In order to rest your leg, you'll need an extra ottoman. This is the only recliner that does not fully recline and doesn't come with any standard mechanism.

Fortunately for its fine-looking design, this sofa recliner is suitable to be placed in just about any room.