Quadrant Shower Enclosures

Quadrant shower enclosures have become a very popular trend in today's bathroom suite designs, replacing conventional shower cubicles that are commonly square or rectangle in shape with its modern looking curved door panels and its roomy showering space on the inside.

Though at first glance, you might think of these spacious quadrant shower enclosures as being too big for a small sized bathroom, but they actually take up much less amount of floor space compared to square or rectangular shower cubicles thanks to the sliding curved door panel design. You can save even more space when it is placed right into the corner of your bathroom.

Apart from being a sleek and stylish space saver, the curved design of a quadrant enclosure also makes it easier to clean and maintain because it accumulates a significantly less amount of dirt and grime than other types of showers. In addition, using a sliding shower door means you can prevent water from dripping out to the dry area of your bathroom unlike traditional doors that open outwards.

The shape of these quadrant shower enclosures makes them more versatile and more adaptable to different bathroom sizes and styles, be it in traditional bathroom suites or modern bathroom suites.

You can find quadrant shower enclosures in sizes ranging from 800mm, 900mm to 1000mm. Offset quadrants may range from 900mm x 760mm to 1200mm x 900mm. Manhattan quadrant showers are among the best types of shower enclosures in the market as they offer a number of practical benefits which include a "click 'n' clean" system and a smooth sliding shower door. The click 'n' click mechanism allows users to quickly install and remove the door panel from the enclosure for easier cleaning and maintenance work.