Public Design Center

Three times a week, we offer workshops to the public about how to print, brand, and publish. Each session is a one-hour quick but focused look at the topics. …more

PDC Mobile

We pack up our workshops and take them to community centers near us in the rural South. The organizer is presented with a list of topics and clinics from which he or she can choose.

Drop-in Consulting

For two hours each day, Mondays through Fridays, we open the PDC doors for drop-in consulting to anyone who seeking input on their print or web projects. The service is provided at no charge. Drop-in hours are 4pm to 6pm M-F.

The Center for Vernacular Typography

The CVT is a subset of the Public Design Center. Its mission is to document, catalog, research, and share vernacular typography. …more explores the mechanisms and best practices of bringing web design, planning, and production to the most progressive and deserving projects. We explore pricing, resources, and case-studies.

Open Projects

This is a project we are developing. It’s a web application for volunteer-based design projects.

PDC Servers

Eligible candidates may apply for top-tier hosting at PDC Servers. Pricing is on a sliding scale. Criteria include start-up not-profit organizations and small businesses in disadvantaged areas.


The PDC Lab is our launchpad for programs and projects in development.

PDC Library

The Center houses a library of visual resources including a zine collection of about 150 titles and growing. Be on the lookout for these titles to be posted here in the summer of 2008.