Platform Beds

Platform beds are mainly designed to accommodate with only a single mattress as their foundation is incorporated into the bed frame itself, which is usually supported by a solid paneling or slats. The key feature of a platform bed is that it does not require the use of box springs because its base is designed higher up, thus providing more open space beneath.

If you find yourself reading this article, then you are most likely looking for a new bed and are keen to learn more about some of the different options available for these platform beds. When you are browsing through the internet, you can probably find more than a hundred kinds of different platform beds in colors, styles, shapes, sizes and designs. Knowing some of the popular and general types may give you a rough idea of what to choose and help narrow down your search.

First, there are platform beds with under bed storage that usually have built in or removable drawers underneath them. These beds are really great space savers. They can be used to store clothing, bedding or any of your items when you don't have or don't want a closet in your bedroom.

Next, there is one with a bookcase storage headboard which provides a different sort of storing option, for books. The headboard of the platform bed is basically attached with or being replaced by a bookshelf which is a very convenient feature to have for people who enjoy some light reading before bed.

Then interestingly, there are also platform beds with a built in cabinet attached to the footboard containing a TV lift. The lift system within the cabinet can be activated to raise your television up and out of it via a remote control, a pretty cool feature for entertainment purpose.

Platform bed frames are mainly available in wood, metal and leather. Round shape beds are also quite popular these days because of their creative and trendy look. Most platform bedroom sets come with all the necessary accessories such as the bed mattress, bed frame, nightstands, dresser, wardrobe and a bed bench, you can buy the whole set of furniture at once to save some money and time thinking of how to match different pieces of furniture together.