3 Fab Ideas for Personalised Table Settings

Did you have a favourite plate, napkin, cup or glass as you were growing up as a child? Personalising your dining experience can really help kids get on with that laborious process of settling down to dinner!

These days there are all sorts of ways to create the excitement needed to get those peas onto the spoon, or that broccoli onto the fork.

And the fun extends beyond childhood. Here are some fab ideas for personalisation to help create that special mood for a special dining experience.

From colourful playful accessories to delightful table design there are lots of way to personalise table settings.

Ribbon Romance

For these settings, you'll need an 15cm red pillar candle for each guest; red tissue paper, a length of 6 or 7cm wide cotton lace; self adhesive gift-wrapping ribbon in red.

Cut the lace into sections that are long enough to go once around each candle. Wrap the lace around the candle and wind a length of ribbon on top to secure it. The ribbon should be centred on the strip of lace and should be fastened tightly enough to keep it from slipping.

Write each guests' name on a red tissue heart and either glue or pin this to the ribbon. Stand the candle in a suitable holder and voilĂ ! A romantic place setting.

Shabby Chic Sand Candles

You will need a glass Mason jar for each guest; plain brown or handmade paper; natural raffia; and decorative sand. You'll also need a plain white 8cm pillar candle for each setting.

Place a pillar candle in each jar and carefully pour the sand around its base. Fill the bottom of the jar to a depth of around 2 or 3cm.

Tear the paper into rectangles and write a guest's name on each piece, then tie the labels to the jars with the raffia.

Water Marble Settings

Water marbles, also called water gems or water diamonds, are made of super-absorbent polymer that soaks up many times its own weight in water. When hydrated, they look like chunks of glass or precious stone

For each setting, you will need: a square glass vase; enough water marbles to fill it halfway once they're hydrated; a small floating candle. You'll also need an erasable marker that can write on glass.

Fill the vases with the polymer crystals and water and add the floating candle. Write each guest's name on their vase with your glass marker. Tim Aldiss writes for Scarlett Willow and loves their personalised placemats & glassware.