Personalise Your Bedroom With Beddings & Curtains

It's always an enjoyable experience decorating and styling up your own bedroom, what's more rewarding than having a bedroom that is fully personalised to your liking? An easy way to make your bedroom look as if it was designed by a professional is to change to custom beddings and curtains. Choosing the right fabrics and designs will help you achieve this effect.

A good place to start is by browsing through online furniture stores and taking a look at the various designs, patterns and colours that are available, then choose your favourite pieces of duvet covers, blankets, pillows, curtains, window treatments and such to start decorating your bedroom.


Custom bedding components come in all sorts of options. You should first determine a suitable size that will cover your bed perfectly and also the different types of ornamentation choices available. Bed covers may range from conventional looking bedspreads to modern comforters and duvets. For an added elegant touch, you may also pick up some matching pillow shams. Dust ruffle or bed skirting can be used to cover the area below the mattress and it's end should be just barely touching the floor, alternately, some prefer to have a few extra inches of the fabric to pool on the floor. When the bed is not in use, the duvet cover can be used to hide the extra blankets and sheets. If you are looking for more bed cover ideas, there are plenty of bedding from Argos with great unique designs.


Combine fashionable curtains with personalised beddings and you will instantly give your bedroom a whole new look. If you are looking for a more formal feel, try adding valances to your sheer or silk curtains. Otherwise, just use a tieback or leave the curtains hanging loose without adding valances to create a more casual look. Click here for curtains on sale to see more selections and to compare prices.


Adding some extra throw pillows on top of your bed can make all the difference. Pillows can be mixed in various shapes and sizes such as round, square, tubular or so forth. Apart from that, bedroom furniture such as chairs, lounge or ottomans can also be a great addition.

Remember, when choosing colours, always consider the colour of the walls and flooring and match accordingly.