Enhancing the Looks of White Columns

We get to see a lot of new homes today with plain white exterior columns. Most homeowners have no idea of what to do with them and choose to leave them there as it is. In this article, we will discuss about four different interesting ways that could be added to the design of your columns to make them more unique than the others.

1. Paint
Changing the color and sheen level of the columns can tone them down and make them less noticeable. This method is effective particularly when you have bright and glossy white columns, which perhaps look too striking. The lowest gloss finish or flat paint isn't recommended as fingerprints and dirty spots can be easily seen. The best option is to use a paint finish with a gloss level between the lowest to semi gloss.

2. Color Wash
A form of faux painting that can add depth to the columns. A light glaze technique or stain rubbed over the trims and moldings will result in visually interesting variations of a chosen color.

3. Marbleizing
This is yet another creation of fake painting. There are actually two different kinds of techniques available. First, you can opt for an authentic marble look-alike finish. Be specific and let the artist know what type of stone you're looking for. Second, is to choose fantasy marble painting. Though a faux painting doesn't really resemble the texture of any natural stones or marble, the entire design may look as if it was real.

4. Added Texture
Applying materials like stucco molding or plaster mould to the columns will add depth and texture which completes the exterior appeal. Regardless of the columns' shape, both round and square architectural pillars can still be installed with these extra moldings.

All four methods shown above are usable to the interior as well as the exterior columns. Once you've got your own idea or design to improve the columns look, soon you'll not be facing the plain white columns anymore.