Other Uses For Fence Panels

Fence panels are usually placed between fence posts to form a border between your property and that of your neighbours to provide you with security against burglars and privacy from meddlesome neighbours. Across different parts of the UK, high numbers of people have found other uses for fence panels.

While still in place as a garden border, many fence panels become the goalposts and net in a Wembley stadium atmosphere for the children to play football in the garden. Fence panels have repeatedly been smashed by children playing football ever since fence panels were invented.

How else can you use fence panel?

Some people have built stables for horses and pigs whilst others have elected to use complete fence panels to build a garden shed and rather than using the door for a garden shed, a smaller fence panel will suffice.

Other opportunists have used fence panels as poultry enclosures and others have used them to hide rubbish bins. For every person that creates a small outdoor building with fence panels, there are other people who build fencing pet runs, often for dogs, but also for small animals like rabbits.

Although you can place trellises from growing plants on top of your smaller fence panels or as part of the fence panels, many homes see fence panels in different places in the garden and use purely as a trellis for growing plants.

When trellises are used properly for growing plants, they can be used as a shield for a busy road; they can shade your family from the hottest of the sun’s summer rays or provide you with sufficient privacy which may also be an excuse to block some particularly unattractive views.

When you only have a small space in your garden you can use the trellis, fence panel, to grow vine plants, anywhere in your garden.

Upgrading your dog run

Using three foot fence panels for small dogs and six foot fence panels for most other dogs will provide them with a safe and secure dog run. No dog lover wants their favourite pet to be able to get out of their garden and on to the road, which can be extremely dangerous for both dog and vehicles.

A dog run can be a standalone facility to house your dog or dogs during the day or night. They can also be attached to the side of a house to literally provide a long dog run so your dogs can remain active during the day instead of being kept inside a small kennel or a cage.

Using fence panels to create your dog run makes the job quite easy to finish because most panels come in six foot lengths. This use of fence panels also gives you the opportunity to be creative in the size and layout of your dog runs. You can also divide up your dog run into smaller areas to keep dogs separate at certain times of the day or month.

You will be aware that some dogs can climb and others will be able to leap over six foot high, when trained. This may lead you to restrict which of your pets find the dog run as a regular home.

There are so many potential uses for fence panels that anywhere you need a six foot length by three foot to six foot in height, a fence penal can prove to be an inexpensive choice of many.