3 Easy Steps to Make Your Living Room More Opulent

Making a room seem more opulent doesn't have to cost a king's ransom. You can create a lush, luxurious feel using inexpensive materials in carefully selected colours and textures, and by deploying the right fragrances.

Choose colours that speak of opulence and wealth. Rich burgundies, royal purple, old gold, and deep but vibrant colours all work well. If your living room is small, use a dark cream for larger areas — it works well as a foil for strong, rich colours like wine reds.

Throws and swags

These are items that you can add very quickly, with the minimum of effort. A throw is a great way to transform any item of furniture. For an opulent atmosphere, think tactile fabrics and fabrics with a little lustre to them. Velvets, plushes and anything with a soft pile is ideal. You could also look for damask in suitable shades.

Replacing your curtains is expensive and exhausting; fortunately, you have other options. Swags of luxurious fabric can be hung along the top and at the sides of a window to mimic heavy drapes; you can use fabric remnants from your local haberdashery here. You can also use long sections of fabric as wall hangings.

For swags, crushed velvet or satin are both good choices. Voile and gauzy fabrics are very cheap indeed and can work well if you select rich colours. Layer different colours of voile for an eye-catching effect.

Cushions and accessories

It takes no time at all to add a few luxurious-looking accessories to any room. Plump cushions with plush or satin covers are inexpensive and really add to the overall feel. Cushion covers in tapestry fabrics are also appropriate for this kind of theme.

Tassels, tie-backs made from soft silky cord, and other accessories don't cost much and take no time to install. They're the perfect way to emphasise your rich fabrics.


The right fragrance is an important part of creating an opulent atmosphere in your living room. Choose rich, heavy florals, spicy and musky scents, and sweet woody perfumes. You could also consider fragrances like vanilla and chocolate. Good quality scented candles are a better choice here than room sprays — they add more to the ambiance of the room and don't have the chemical undertones of aerosol sprays.

Tim Aldiss writes for Yankee Candle the best scented candles in the world.