New-Build Trends: Designing the Future of Housing

This is a very exciting time to be buying a new house. Design innovations are everywhere and yet the reassuring principles of comfort, warmth, and welcome are not compromised either. Let’s have a little taste of some of the eye-catching features being used today.

Adding sophistication

Nothing speaks louder than a modern, sophisticated kitchen and bathroom. Here glossy finishes are often the most sought after look, encouraging easy maintenance and a professional appearance. Cabinets and fittings make a statement all on their own, whether in the simplicity of white or in bold colors, and add clean lines to the layout of the room. Simple layouts of cupboards and counters enhance the open, modern look provided by the room itself. These designs shout quality and solidity when you walk in, complemented by equally up-market fittings, such as lighting and taps.

Today’s designs capture the importance of space, natural light, and sophistication and the new homes in Denver Colorado are a great example. Large open rooms create a feeling of freedom and tranquility that can be tailored with you own individual features. Quick and simple touches might be a personal collection of decorative items, such as vases, or collectables in a similar color to add impact. Handmade craft items can make a bold and colorful statement and give a focal point to your space.

New build homes are brilliant blank canvases for interiors where you can add structure and texture as well as color. They lend themselves to custom built shelving and storage features that perfectly blend into your new space. Here you have the advantages of made-to-measure features offering a level of practicality that doesn’t compromise your space.

Creating uniqueness

Everyone wants to feel that their home is just a little different and there are so many ways to achieve it, whatever your style or budget.

House designers prioritize large, neutral wall spaces that open up a room and leave space for individuality to be added. The popularity of feature walls and murals continues to grow and there is endless scope for personal touches. In many ways, house designers are simply giving you the opportunity to express yourself.

The variety of fireplaces available now is huge, creating all sorts of effects and a dramatic focal point to a living space that all your guests will remember. This is a real win-win with the traditional feel of a warm feature and the decorative interest it adds to your room.

New builds are also perfect for incorporating the latest ecological features and maximizing natural light through many different window options. Striving for lower energy costs and a reduced carbon footprint really can turn a necessity into a virtue in the hands of an imaginative designer.

With a bigger budget, landscaping the yard is also a popular addition. The concept of blending outside and inside spaces and making the outside work harder as a leisure space has revolutionized our traditional view of lawn and flowers in the yard.