Metallic Kitchen Inspiration

Metallic kitchens have been in style for some months now, but new innovations in color and design mean they’re likely to remain highly popular for a long time to come. What’s more, their beauty and utility give them lasting appeal. Their reflective capacity helps to brighten up the pokiest kitchens, making it easier and more pleasant to work in them. If you’re thinking of redoing your kitchen this year, metallics are a fantastic way to go.

Metallic counter tops and sinks

Counter tops need to be durable and hygienic, and stainless steel is ideal from both perspectives, which is why it’s the number one choice of most professional chefs. There are also new counter tops available in bronze and copper-toned finishes which are almost as good and which have tremendous stylistic appeal. They pair naturally with metallic sinks and backsplashes, and you can fit them in with almost any kitchen color scheme. Although you may need professionals to fit your counter tops, it’s easy to learn how to install a stainless steel backsplash online.

Metallic doors

Metallic doors are a hugely popular addition to kitchens because they bounce light around laterally, helping to illuminate the whole room. New gloss metallic finishes mean there are now many more options to choose from. Gold and bronze tones are especially popular for cabinets, giving them a truly opulent look, while for those who prefer something subtle and sleek, blue tinted steel is an excellent choice.

Metallic wall coverings

One of the easiest ways to create or enhance a metallic kitchen is to use metallic tiles on the walls. These can look particularly impressive around windows, where they’re directly in the light. Alternatively, there are various shades of metallic paint available for walls, doors and even ceilings, in shades of silver, copper, bronze, gold, rose and blue.

Complementing metallics

Choosing the right colors to fit around metallics is important to showing them at their best. Silvery colors can be paired effectively with pale pastels for an ethereal look or with dark blues to create a striking contrast. Copper works well with soft, rosy colors. Bronze and gold look striking with strong teal, blue or green, or can be paired with deep red for a really rich look.

Most of the time, metallics look best alongside matte shades or silky emulsions. When it comes to floors, wood will work with almost anything (but pale or grey-toned woods are best with steel). Shiny floors work with glossy metallics but otherwise matte flooring is most effective.

Metallic accessories

In a kitchen, it’s not difficult to accessorize with metallics. One of the most effective ways to do this is to create a dark-colored feature wall and hang all your pans from it, along with things like sieves and cheese graters, at varied heights. This creates a striking look and also makes it easy to grab things while you’re cooking. Magnetic knife racks can also look good, as can metallic kettles (including modern electric ones), now available in many vivid colors.