Metal Beds

Modern, stylish, durable and versatile, metal beds are one of many homeowners' favorites, for all the good reasons. The bold and striking design of a metal bed naturally creates an elegant and contemporary feel for the bedroom.

Metal bed frames are available in a variety of interesting patterns, motifs and styles such as tree branches or waves, and a number of twists, swirls and curls designs. The possibilities are practically endless. Certain manufacturers may even offer custom or bespoke options while most of them will allow you to choose your own preferred color or finish.

One of the great things about metal bed frames is that you can have them in almost any colors, even bright colors, and they still look good be it in blue, green, brown, silver, black or white. Bright colors also help create a vibrant bedroom design.

Metal beds certainly have their advantage over wooden ones in terms of durability and cost. Unlike metal frames, wooden bed frames cannot be moulded easily. The woods need to be carved and shaped, and it can be really expensive to get good quality ones. Metal bed frames on the other hand can be shaped and formed easily into many innovative designs.

Good quality metal frames are stronger and sturdier hence they would last longer. They are also easy to clean and maintain. Although this is very much the same with wooden beds, the wood might chip, fade and warp more easily over time.

Metal beds also complement well with most kinds of furniture, decorations and accessories whether in a modern or conventional bedroom. That means you can always change your bedroom furniture and decors without having to replace the bed.

You can find a large collection of metal beds and wooden beds on plus a lot of other bedroom furniture there, take your time to compare between the prices and designs to see which one is right for you.