Materials for the Bathroom

Some time ago, this site carried an article looking at the ‘seven deadly sins’ people commit when remodelling their bathrooms. Two of these in particular merit a closer look: number five; going with the wrong materials for a bathroom environment, and number two; purchasing materials based upon price alone.

That second common mistake was only kept off the number one spot by the rather obvious ‘failing to budget enough’, a point that is so intrinsically linked to number two that they could, in effect, be considered as one and the same.

The wrong materials? At first glance this seems a bit of a ‘no-brainer’. Few of us can have seriously toyed with the idea of fitting deep pile shag carpet or exotic wall-coverings in the wettest room in the house.

The best, or indeed worst, choices are not always that obvious. Other potential bathroom disasters could come in the form of wood or porous stone. Traditionally, the safe and almost universal solution has been the ceramic tile; resilient, long-lasting and, sometimes, stylish.

Increasingly, however, people are turning to an alternative that is, like tiles, resilient, long-lasting and stylish, but, perhaps not so like tiles, is also virtually maintenance-free, hygienic, easy to DIY fit, amazingly flexible AND cost effective.

Which brings us back to those other two ‘sins’ we mentioned earlier. Effectively, they were ‘not having enough money’ and ‘buying cheap materials to try to get around not having enough money’.

There are only two things you can save on with a bathroom project: materials and labour. On both fronts, PVC cladding steps up to the mark.

Its relative ease of fitting brings it within the expertise-reach of a much broader group of DIYers than would be the case with tiles, while the cost of buying it compares favourably with the tiles required to cover a similar area.

So why hasn’t there been an explosion in the popularity of plastic? Well, that’s just it – there has been. It’s just that this explosion has been more of stealth bomb that has somehow gone un-noticed.

Cladding, once rather dull and dependable but now resplendent in fashionable garb, has had a makeover and is now is making an appearance in the trendiest of homes.

Add to the advantages we listed earlier its cool minimalist feel and its wide range of colours and styles and it’s clear that when it comes to those ‘seven deadly sins’, it could be just the thing to keep you out of the confessional.

Alan Matchett has written many articles online for providing helpful tips for on DIY, home improvement and construction.