How To Make The Most Of Space In Your Greenhouse

Working in your greenhouse can be an extremely enjoyable pastime. No doubt you will be trying to raise some plants for your garden, sufficient fruit and vegetables to supply your family's needs and perhaps you will try your hand growing ostensibly exotic plants that couldn't possibly grow out in your garden.

What this does, unfortunately, is put a lot of pressure on the accessible space in your greenhouse, because most people tend to purchase a standard size greenhouse, because that is what is easily available and of course, it costs more money to buy a bigger unit.

Making the most of the available space

Once you have realised that you need to make the best use of the space effectively, you will have wished you didn't buy a small greenhouse, but there's nothing you can do about that at the moment. What you can do is to make the most of the space within your greenhouse by adding greenhouse staging and looking at what hanging greenhouse storage accessories you can purchase, because the space above you is rarely used in a greenhouse.

You should start by adding greenhouse staging to your unit. This can offer you plenty of space to find a home for your plants and it will also help keep your greenhouse well-organised. There are many different types of staging you can buy from your local garden superstore or online supplier, but you do need to think ahead about what size and type of staging suits your requirements. By moving your staging around you can quite easily change the design and positioning of everything within your greenhouse. If you opt for removable staging, your options rapidly develop.

The best staging that you can buy arrives with slatted surfaces. This will greatly help you provide the best airflow possible for your plants.

Choosing the right shelving

To make your greenhouse extremely productive, you will need to choose the right size of shelving so you can make the most of the layout of your greenhouse which will provide the best space that you can. It's best to choose adjustable shelving, so you can make the best of any space you have in a small greenhouse. Where possible, if your shelving or staging can be placed on wheels, you will find it much easier to move everything around, particularly when you need to clean your greenhouse.

Hanging greenhouse storage gives you the opportunity to use all of that space that usually gets ignored, particularly in a small greenhouse. You can prepare hanging baskets which can hang from the rafters of your greenhouse.

Some people prefer to move their herb growing activities into a higher area so that it is out of the way of the majority of your fruit and vegetable planting and reduces the chance of damaging your herbs as they grow.

Keeping your greenhouse clean will provide you with space you didn't realise you had because you will be able to move around your small greenhouse quite easily without constantly needing to step over any spilled compost, potting trays or any tools which have fallen off from your working areas. You can save further space by removing any broken pots or tools that you no longer need, but are taking up shelf space. It's always best to keep your seed trays at hand, but if they are empty and clean, they are taking up space in your greenhouse and you can always keep them in your garden shed until you need them.