Design Concepts to Make a House Look Bigger

A lot of people have an idea in mind of what they want to do with their new or existing homes but most of them have no clue of how to really design it and to organize all the different elements in their homes in order to make it look bigger. Well actually it is not necessary to spend a large sum of money to get a bigger looking house.

There are many design concepts that can be used to make your house look bigger while still maintaining an affordable budget and using the same amount of square footage. We suggest also that you contact a local home improvement expert, such as Charlotte roofing contractors, and ask for further advice on how to achieve this look and advice on how to properly do it yourself. That being said, we have some good ideas to get you started:

Open Plan Concept

One of the best ideas is to use an "Open Plan" concept, which is to decrease the amount of walls, doors, etc. used to create a larger open space and make one big room instead of several smaller rooms. For instance, you can combine your kitchen, living room and dining room into one large room. A great idea is to use formal dining room sets as a work table and turn it back to the dinner table for those special occasions. Rather than building separate rooms within the master bedroom, you may combine all the bedroom, bathroom, and wardrobe together, dividing them using room separators. The use of this concept is often seen in most large offices, which tend to look really spacious.

Bright Colors

Correct usage of colors can also make a room look bigger. Bright colored paints are your best bet in this case because they are more reflective, while dark colors on the other hand, tend to absorb light which can make a room look smaller.

Clever Storage Options

Clutter is unsightly and can make a room feel smaller. Think about some creative options for storage. A built-in window bench seat in the living room can be used to stash extra blankets and pillows. Open shelving in the kitchen can make it feel more open. And do not forget about your existing, underutilized options. The pantry is often a mess in most people's homes. Setting up a new organization method, with shelves labeled with a Dymo label printer, will free up some extra space to hide some things that previously were in the open.

Placing the Right Furniture

Furniture also plays a major role in this. How you choose and place your furniture can really make a difference in the amount of room space. Make good use of expandable and contractible furniture as well as multifunctional furniture that are small in size and easy to store to save a significant amount of your room space.

Place large sized furniture against the walls to make more open space and try not to use oversized furniture in smaller rooms. Learn how to scale the size of the furniture in accordance to the size of the room. A great way to reduce the impact of window coverings encroaching on your space is to install window shutters which are flush with your walls.


Mirrors are also great tools to make a room look bigger by using them to create the illusion of depth. They can also reflect lights effectively, so the room can stay as bright all day long. Mirrors can be placed on the walls, cabinet doors and even on the ceiling to create a really spacious feel.

Try It!

Whether your room has a plain look or covered in discount laminate flooring, there are many easy fixes to make your space look larger. Just try it!