Leather Sofa Buying Guide: A Durable and Elegant Furniture Choice

Leather sofas are the perfect way to add a touch of class and luxury to your home. They don’t just look elegant, they are also very durable. But before you set out to buy yourself a new leather sofa, there are a few important things you should keep in mind.

Different types of sofas

The number of choices is practically endless. To name a few, there are sleeper sofas, sectional sofas, recliners, one, two as well as three piece sofas. It is important to choose a leather sofa with the right colour, size and style that matches the interior of your room so that everything will look just great.

Sectional or corner leather sofas are very versatile and are especially great for small rooms as the L shaped sofa can be fitted right into the corner of the walls to save a great amount of space. Some sectionals can also be split and placed in different places to create a unique style of room decor.

Reclining sofa on the other hand offers more comfort with each of its individual seat being adjustable, and even better with its additional armrests in between the seats. Some pricier sectional sofas are also available with recliners.

Thirdly, there are leather sleeper sofas which are great substitutes for guest beds. The sofa bed that is built into it can be easily folded in and out to make for sleeping space. This can really come in handy when you have overnight guests. When the sofa bed is folded back in, the sleeper sofa will look just a like a normal sofa.

Leather colours

While you may find black leather sofas popular, there are still a lot of colour choices to choose from. Brown leather for example, gives a warm and cozy feeling whereas bright colours such as blue, green, orange and red which are more vibrant suit well with modern interiors. Beige and white are also some of the more common colour choices.

Not any sofa colour is suitable for a certain type of interior. If they don’t blend well with each other, it might just ruin the entire atmosphere of the room. So make sure you have thought it through before buying.

Leather care

With proper care, a leather sofa can last for years. It can be cleaned with a simple soap or water solution and wipe dry with a soft cloth. In cases where the leather starts to tear, it can be patched with a repair kit but it would be wise to consult an expert for help.

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