The 2014 Lawn Care Calendar

As the year draws to a close, the garden often becomes a more neglected part of the home as family and friends choose the warmth of the burning fire and festive blankets. The garden merely becomes a spectacle of glittering frost, a snow-covered blanket and a glistening postcard of a truly beautiful season.

The winter weather is known for its freezing temperatures and bitterly-cold winds and this means that, apart from a clearing a few leaves and forking over your flower beds, there really is little to do in the garden around this time of year.

Winter Wonderland

But let’s not get down hearted. Christmas is the season of giving and that is exactly what Turf Express, the UK’s leading supplier of high quality turf and top soil, are looking to do with their 2014 Lawn Care Calendar.

Knowing how to prepare, lay and treat your new or existing lawn can prove invaluable and with the Lawn Care Calendar by your side, you can ensure your lawn is healthy all year round.

January/ February

Around the early parts of the year, there is not too much that you can do for your lawn. The cold winter weather will have slowed the growth of the grass right down and new seedlings won’t stand a chance in these conditions.

The frosty mornings will leave the lawn damp and wet so try to stay off the grass so as not to damage the fragile seedlings.

Consider servicing mowers, strimmers and other gardening equipment and begin thinking about your garden design.

March (Spring)

With the sparkle of spring sunshine bursting through the clouds, get your mower at the ready. The time is here to make the first cut of the season. With the smell of freshly cut grass sweeping the nostrils, make sure that you don’t cut your lawn too short by adjusting the mower to a higher setting to simply trim the top.

Weather depending; look to mow your lawn every week or fortnight in order to regulate constant growth as the months become warmer and also gradually reduce the mower height.

The next step is to thicken and feed your lawn with a trusted nitrogen based fertiliser and start to keep an eye out for weed growth, especially with new turf.

June (Summer)

During the summer, your lawn should be in its prime. Mow once or twice a week depending on weather conditions and regularly apply fertiliser.

In hotter weather, turn on your sprinkler early in the mornings or in the evening to refresh your lawn in the heat.

For tricky areas of poor growth, consider spot treatments and sprinkle grass seedlings evenly to avoid patchy growth if necessary.

September (Autumn)

You can buy specialist autumn fertiliser but your lawn should still be as healthy as ever, with a mow once-a-week still the norm.

The autumn time is a funny month, with patches of warmth and wet spells, so begin to spike your lawn. This will relieve the compaction of the turf and provide a fresh flow of oxygen.

October Onwards (Autumn/Winter)

The rate of growth will steadily begin to decline as the months get colder. Start to increase the height of your mower as you do not want to expose your lawn too harshly.

It’s important to keep the lawn free of any debris so remove any fallen leaves, branches and garden debris from your lawn.

Enjoy a Beautiful Lawn Throughout 2014

The weather will begin to dictate your time in the garden in the final weeks of the year, leaving you once again with little to do. Give yourself a pat on the back for all your hard work and enjoy your lush, healthy lawn.

Phil Warrington presents the 2014 Lawn Care Calendar in association with Turf Express.