Know the Paints

One of the easiest way to give your home a refreshing new look is of course by painting it. There is a wide range of paints to choose from and a variety of techniques to use so it will definitely be fun painting and making your home a unique place to be in. First of all, you have to know that outdoor and indoor paints are two different things because they are developed from different formulations. As for now, I'm going to show you some tips on interior paints and see which will work best for you and your home's design.

Matte Finish

This is one of the dullest paint that we can have. It is also called the flat finish, simply because it does not reflect much light, hence it is very suitable for formal places. These paints are able to hide off any imperfection on the wall and are usually used to paint the ceilings as well. The only disadvantage of this matte paint is that it is difficult to wash, therefore it is not recommended to be used in high traffic areas (places with a lot of activities happening).

Eggshell Finish

Though it is slightly more glossy and easier to clean than flat finish paints, eggshell finish is not quite appropriate for places with children around and also high traffic areas.

Satin Finish

Perhaps this is one of the most popular choices of all paints. It is a little bit glossier but not too shiny at all and still have the ability to make any imperfections on the wall to become seemingly less noticeable. Satin finish paints are easy to wash, thus it will be great for any kinds of interior.

Semi Gloss Finish

Its ability to reflect light falls between flat and gloss finish. Shiny paints like this semi gloss are a little too bright to be applied on walls, thus it is usually painted on doors and cabinets. They also work well on heavily used areas, moldings and trims.

Gloss Finish

Being on top of the shiny scale, gloss finish is not quite suitable to be used on walls. Gloss paints are fine on furniture, cabinets and doors. Keep in mind that you should only begin painting when you are sure that the surface is flawless, free from dust and debris. Any imperfection will eventually show up, especially when you are applying a glossy finish.