How to Increase the Value of Your Home through Garden Improvements

Adding value to your home doesn’t need to be expensive. Whether you are preparing to sell or simply making an investment for the future, there are cheap methods of improvement that are often overlooked. Although modernising your kitchen or bathroom can massively increase the value of your house, it is also a costly process. However, shifting your focus from the interior to the landscaping of your property can have an immediate impact, and for much less money.

When a potential buyer arrives at your home, first impressions are vital. What people see from the street, known by many estate agents as ‘curb appeal’, could alter their attitude before they step into your home. A good perception of your home from the outside means viewers will have a pre-conceived idea of the standard of care that has been given to the property before they enter. They may be more inclined to overlook minor faults to the interior because they have already fallen in love with the property and have an initial ‘gut feeling’ about it.

So, how do you improve ‘curb appeal’?

If you have a garden or yard outside of your property, then take a step back and try to think objectively. It’s easy to live with flaws for so long that you no longer notice them, but it is likely that a potential buyer would not be so forgiving. Take note of any patchy areas of grass or unruly bushes that need tidied up to neaten the image of your home. If you have a driveway, consider hiring a power-washer to reinstate it to its former glory.

In the same way that you would neutralise rooms inside your home with white painted walls, try to turn your garden into an attractive ‘blank canvas’. This can increase wider appeal in your home and make the property ooze with potential. Get rid of any personal objects such as decorative gnomes and ornaments that may not be to everyone’s taste. Store garden equipment in a shed or garage if possible to rid the area of any mess and present an idyllic image of serenity and order.

Making cosmetic improvements

Once you have tidied the exterior of your house, it is time to make it beautiful. The improvements don’t need to be extravagant or costly; remember that the focus is to keep it simple and desirable to the majority. Ensure your lawn is well maintained, shrubs and bushes are trimmed and that fences are in good condition and repaired if necessary.

Landscaping projects require an element of design to ensure that the finished effect looks co-ordinated. For example, if you decide to give your front door a fresh lick of paint (advisable if trying to freshen up your home) then choose a classic but subtle colour, such as grey/green, and then try to match any plant pots to this colour to unify your property with its exterior.

Placing a colourful pot of flowers or hanging basket by the front door can make your home cheerful and welcoming. Well-placed flower beds can also be an attractive addition, but try to anticipate the seasons and choose plants that will soon be in bloom. Be prepared that you may not sell the house straight away, and you don’t want to end up surrounded by wilting flowers rather than inspiring, luscious leaves.