How to Design a Living Room with a Fireplace and a TV

Decorate a living room using a TV as focus point

While decorating a living room with a TV and a Fireplace, we have to consider certain points. A living room with a big-screen Television makes a good focus point and the fireplace will remain a focus point as well. This type of living rooms provides a space for the family members to be quiet and relax while enjoying TV shows. Another option is to design a living room with fireplace as a major focus point and have a small TV. Most families design their living rooms by making a fireplace as the major focus point place in the room with a small TV.

Then the room becomes the only place to enjoy the fireplace as the TV becomes less important. To make a living room more beautiful, the designer should not only consider the place of the TV and fireplace. The placing of furniture’s at proper position makes it more suitable for the users. If the importance of the TV is more in the living room, most of the furniture’s must face the TV. A good living room must be a place for relaxation and entertainment. Therefore, the importance of minimizing the focus point to the fireplace makes the living room more beautiful. This makes watching TV while keeping warm with a fireplace a more enjoyable experience. Using a big flat TV with a good sound system makes the feel of a theatre at home, which will increase the entertainment value.

Decorating living room with high priority to fireplace

If the designing of your living is only to enjoy the heat from the fireplace, the use and importance of TV will be less. While considering the design with highest priority for the fireplace it a big mistake, because the living room is the place to relax and enjoy family time watching movies. If you still want the fireplace as the major focal point, then you need to arrange the furniture to face the fireplace or even ensure that all members of the family can see the fireplace but also be able to see others in the room.

Combining both as focal points

When designing a living room so you can enjoy both the fireplace and the TV, it is best to position all furniture where the TV can be seen but also everyone can receive the warmth created by the fireplace. The living room is the room that is used by families to watch TV, to enjoy one another’s company and many times to entertain guests. This room needs to have an atmosphere of relaxation as well as entertainment. To create the right feel in your living when working with both a TV and fireplace, it is important to position all items correctly. The first thing you need to do is decide if you want the fireplace or the TV as the focal point or if you want both to be focal points.

You can actually have both as focus points and enjoy the beauty of the fireplace while still enjoying watching the television. In most cases, the fireplace is not going to be the item in the room that you must sit and stare at to enjoy. The size of both the TV and the fireplace come to into play. If both are close to the same size that is a good thing as they will both get attention. Consider placing the TV on the wall to the left or right of the fireplace. This way both can be enjoyed, as you will be able to position the furniture in a way that both can be seen without having anyone’s back to either object.

To draw attention to the fireplace even with the furniture facing more toward the TV, you can easily add things to the mantel or just above the fireplace. If you have room above the fireplace, you can easily hang a painting, photos of loved ones on mantel, candlesticks, or other objects that will brighten up the room as well and bring the focus to the fireplace.

Author Bio: This article was written by Shawn Lewis who works on the team for a roofing company in Loudoun area of Virginia.

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