How Tiles Can Transform Your Bathroom

Choosing bathroom tiles is more than just considering the tile colour, material, and size. It involves careful and deliberate selection of which size of bathroom tiles your bathroom should have. Believe it or not, tiles can transform your so-called “comfort zone”--make it seem smaller, bigger, wider, dull, appealing, and more. How? Read on to find out.

bathroom tiles
Small to Small

One of the questions that you must answer while in the process of choosing bathroom tiles is, “What size should I pick?” If you have a small bathroom, large tiles would definitely make your bathroom look even smaller. However, this does not mean that no one can ever use large tiles for small bathrooms. If the tiles are installed without cuts, the effect could look appealing.

On the other hand, small tiles look better in small bathrooms. However, the many grout lines that these small tiles create can result in an unattractive effect for your bathroom. Thus, people nowadays settle with midsize bathroom tiles for both small and big bathrooms.

Light vs. Dark

One fun thing about choosing bathroom tiles, especially for female home owners, is that you can choose from a vast array of colour options. It is less likely that you would not find the perfect colour for the bathroom look you have in mind with such availability of options.

Tile colours can transform your bathroom. If your bathroom is small, light colours like white and cream are good colour choices. Why? That is because light colours tend to reflect light more than dark colours making a room seem more spacious. Dark colours make a room seem cramped. Moreover, having the same colour for your bathroom walls and floor make your bathroom appear bigger. Meanwhile, larger bathrooms can handle bold, strong, and darker colours.


Going natural and opting for stone-made tiles could also be the wisest decision you could make for your bathroom. Stone tiles like slate, granite, and marble add more character and uniqueness to your bathroom as they decorate it with their own natural colour and texture. However, stone tiles have become common in many homes today and the only way to make your bathroom unique with stone tiles is to be extra creative.

Lines, Lines, Lines

Believe it or not, grouts affect the overall appearance of your bathroom. It was pointed out earlier that more grouts visible may have an unappealing effect on a bathroom. If you want to achieve a seamless tile installation, make sure that the grout colour that will be used by your tiler is at least close to the colour of your tiles.

Designing your bathroom does not have to be stressful and difficult. Instead, it must be fun and exciting. To make things easier for you, check out lifestyle or housekeeping magazines or websites for bathroom design ideas and observe how tiles were selected and used in the model bathrooms. In this way, your tile selection and bathroom design project will just be a breeze.

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