High Sleeper Beds for Children

Decorating and furnishing a child’s bedroom is often a real fun task as there are so many different ways in which to make their bedroom a fun and pleasant place to be.

A child’s bedroom needs to be a place where they can play with their friends, a calm room for them to study and of course, a restful space in which to sleep.

Children need a room with lots of storage space for their toys and games, the more storage they have, the less chance of an untidy bedroom! Kids also need as much space as their room can allow, particularly for those who are at that age where sleepovers are allowed.

High Sleeper or loft beds are a perfect choice for freeing up floor space in the bedroom. These beds are similar in design to bunk beds, but they don’t have the bottom bunk. Instead, underneath the top bunk there can be all manner of useful furniture built into the bed design. Some high sleepers have a wardrobe and a set of drawers built into the unit under the bed. Others have a desk and a cupboard while others have a desk and a small chair bed.

Chair beds are perfect for the extra houseguest and take up very little space in the bedroom.

Alternatively, other high sleeper beds, have nothing built in in the space under the bed, leaving you to add your own furniture or utilise the space in a way more suited to your child’s needs.

Cabin beds are similar to high sleeper beds, but they are closer to the ground and have drawers built into a deep base as opposed to closets or wardrobes. Again these are a great choice for extra storage space, but they don’t free up the floor space in a room quite like the high sleeper beds will. Visit Bedstar online to view high sleeper and cabin beds for children.

Children love anything a little different and unusual which is why high sleepers are a popular choice for them. With everything cupboard wise under the bed area, this leaves the rest of the bedroom free for play space, and also makes the whole room a much easier space to keep tidy and organised.