Why A Summerhouse Will Improve Your Garden

When you consider all the options available to you to improve your garden, the choice of putting a wonderful garden retreat in the form of a summerhouse will certainly add character and value to your estate. Before you get carried away designing the most incredible summerhouse that will take over your garden, you need to make sure that you understand planning permission rules, which dictates the size of the summerhouse you can build in your garden.

What are you going to do with your summerhouse?

Before you can rush into your local garden superstore and check out the different kinds of garden summerhouses available, or verify all of the online options to deliver a garden retreat by the weekend, you need to decide what you're going to do with your summerhouse.

Is it simply going to be somewhere you can sit and relax away from your home in a comfy chair, reading the latest bestsellers on your e-reader, or are you looking to find a place where your friends can come round to your house and join you in sophisticated wine tasting lessons with the best cuts of meat lying across your new barbecue?

You should always buy the largest summerhouse you can afford, because any garden retreat is never going to be quite big enough for you, especially if it is to take over as a dining room or an entertainment room, away from your property.

The location of your summerhouse is extremely important. It is best if you can leave a clear space of 18 inches all around your new garden summerhouse. This will make it easier to assemble your new room and give you the space needed to maintain the property from time to time. Don't forget to allow sufficient space for any roof overhang and that the shrubs and trees around your summerhouse will grow over the course of time.

A sheltered location is ideal for your garden retreat, especially for the warm summer months, and also for the winter months because the shelter may keep away some of the rain and snow.

Can you DIY?

If you are sufficiently talented you can build your garden retreat entirely from your own plans, but it is often easier to buy a summerhouse in kit form to ensure that the installation is both simpler and much quicker.

As this is such a substantial building with panels that are going to be relatively heavy, you should ask for a least one friend to help build your garden summerhouse, otherwise you're going to find the task almost impossible, but it has been known.

The garden summerhouse will add value to your property, partly because any new owners will be saved from having to build a garden retreat, but mainly because it adds to the overall living space of your property. A summerhouse also makes your property a much more attractive purchase, which is particularly important during times of slow sales and recession.

If you are able to add a solar panel or mains electricity for heating and lighting your garden retreat, you will find it much easier to make use of your garden summerhouse across most months of the year.

By choosing an attractive summerhouse, you can immediately improve the outlook of your garden. It's just so British to add a lovely wooden garden summerhouse to your garden.