Garden Ideas for a Scorching Summer

Summer is on its way - and it's set to be a hot one. It's time to get out of the house and reclaim the garden after a winter spent indoors.

A garden or a backyard ought not only to be a place to enjoy the sun but also to serve as a refuge from the sweltering heat of the city. A garden that you can enjoy is an investment for your family and friends, not only for this summer but also during the years to come, so why not make it even more inviting with the addition of a patio, gazebo, metal barn, pool, or sunroom?

Creating the perfect patio

Patios are extremely practical as they are easy to keep clean and tidy and have so many functions, from social gatherings, barbecues, and parties to outdoor dining and children's play area. There are so many ways to make your patio individual, from size and shape to the kind of paving you use. Give it color and life with flowering borders and baskets or even a water feature.

A nostalgic gazebo

Create a comfortable space to enjoy your own private piece of outdoors by building a charming wooden gazebo. This nostalgic piece of garden furniture, with its romantic lattice guardrails, is making a comeback and is a great place to grab some shade in the afternoon heat or relax at twilight with a good book. Add a comfortable cushioned seat for maximum indulgence.

Taking a dip in your own private pool

If the heat proves too much, what could be better than jumping into a pool of cooling water, right there in your own backyard? Installing a swimming pool is nowhere near as big a job as you might think, especially if one opts for an above-ground option that requires no excavation (above-ground pools are also a little safer and the side walls help prevent debris from blowing in). However, remember that all swimming pools require some maintenance to keep the water sparkling clean; definitely consider checking out one of the private pool cleaning services offered in most neighborhoods.

Sunrooms, greenhouses, and conservatories

Connect your home to the garden with a sunroom for delightful Sunday breakfasts and lazy afternoons. A glassed-in space can be enjoyed even in cooler months and large terrace doors allow easy access to outdoor terraced areas. There are a number of different types of sunrooms, from a simple conservatory to the all-year-round option that can be heated and cooled, and the greenhouse for green-fingered gardeners.

Orientation of your design

Whether you are designing a gazebo, patio, pool, or sunroom, always consider the optimal location for your climate and needs. An eastern orientation provides sun in the morning and shade the rest of the day, whereas a western facing design offers a bright afternoon sun that will require shading window treatments on hot days. In warmer climes, however, a northern exposure may be ideal, as this should provide partial shade for most of the day.