Furniture Packs for Buy-to-Lets

If you’re a landlord looking to target the section of the rental market that includes holiday lets or shared houses, you will have to make a certain investment in furnishing your property. Furniture packs can be a great value option for decorating your property without denting your budget.

These low-cost, hassle-free packs comprise sets of furniture all included in one deal. They can save you the headache of individually choosing different furniture pieces and are often colour- coordinated making decorating a fairly simple process. They can also help to increase the rental value of your property as potential tenants will be happy to pay more if you can offer them a great place to live in.

Your tenant’s comfort will obviously be a big consideration when choosing furniture packs but it’s also a good idea to look at any specific needs they might have. For example, a working area with a desk and chair would be great especially for students and those who need a place to work with their computers.

Head down to your local furniture store and look out for furniture packs that target the different needs of tenants and landlords. Some common furniture packs include the Starter Pack, Landlord Pack, Student Pack and Comprehensive Pack to name a few. Whether you’re targeting student renters or businessmen from abroad, you’re sure to find a package that will fit your needs.

Finally, for safety reasons if you do plan to rent out your property, it might be a good idea to protect it and your furniture with an insurance policy. You might want to receive a landlord insurance quote for free from Direct Line (UK).