Superb Home Furnishings at Your Fingertips

Anyone with a busy schedule, whether due to hectic work hours or having children constantly underfoot, knows the true value of catalog shopping. There’s nothing like the end of long day and unwinding with a cup of tea and a catalog to dream up new furnishings for the home. Of course, today’s catalogs are found online as well as in print. Either way, shopping by catalog is incredibly convenient and allows people to shop when they have the time.

Pros and Cons of Shopping by Catalog

When shopping for furniture, some people need to see actual items in person. The showroom is filled with furniture that can be seen and touched. Few can argue that it’s much easier to gauge a sofa’s comfort by sitting on it in a showroom as opposed to looking at small glossy picture in a catalog. That is certainly the downside of shopping by catalog.

On the other hand, traveling to showrooms to test out sofa after sofa isn’t always convenient. There are the children who invariably knock down vases and the store staff who invariably try to talk you into a payment plan you don’t want or push chairs that aren’t anything you have in mind. Well-done catalogs, however, will provide the essential details shoppers need to make decisions including material type, warranty, dimensions, and other options. Buyers can take their time weighing choices while relaxing at home.

The Catalog Experience

Whether perusing an online or print catalog, be sure to make sure to understand all an item’s features before making a purchase. Measurements are essential as it’s simply not possible to tell from a picture the actual size of a piece and if it will fit in one’s room. Of course, this is important even in person. A sofa may seem small in a large showroom space when in actuality, it could be altogether too large for the spot you have in mind at home. Also, color can appear slightly different in a catalog than in person; ask a customer service representative how the actual color compares with the catalog version.

Another benefit of shopping catalogs is that it affords buyers the chance to read reviews of brands and stores. These reviews can provide valuable information that can lead buyers in one direction or another. The catalog experience allows people to take their time when searching and also to have plenty of time to read all pertinent information before reaching a decision.

Making a Purchase Decision

After pouring through all the catalogs and reaching some decisions about a great sofa and some armchairs that complement it, for instance, be sure to discuss any lingering questions with the company you plan to buy from. Ask about their return and warranty policies. Again, ask if catalog colors are true to life and make sure that the indicated size of the items was posted correctly. Buyers should ask about delivery and if there is a fabric choice as there often is when purchasing furniture. In the end, though, making a catalog purchase can be a delightful experience if buyers take their time to make the best choices.

Leah Woodward is a busy mom of three who also enjoys decorating her home. In her free time, she likes to post about home decorating on various blog sites. You can visit this website to order a free sofa catalogue.