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Add Flair To A Child’s Room Using A Fun Theme

Do you want to have some fun with your child’s room and make it come to life? Why not create a themed room with all the bells and whistles for some spark and fun? Children love it when their rooms get changed around and will probably put in an extra effort to keep it clean. No guarantee on that part, however, since kids will be kids!

Themed girls rooms

Need some ideas for themed girl’s rooms? The best place to get started is on the Internet. You can get thousands of ideas for creating a stunning girl’s room there.

Don’t start off by thinking that a girl only wants a princess theme either. You can find plenty of those theme- styles anywhere. Dig a little deeper and look for fun girl themes that are a bit off the beaten track.

This is an example of a zebra themed bedroom for a little girl. As you can see, the zebra print has been placed with a bright pink border to make it obviously girl-related.

Accessories like the lamp, wall hangings, curtains etc. are an exact match to the comforter. If this seems a bit overdone for your liking, the lamp could be substituted for one that is in a solid color of black, pink or white. In fact, any of the accessories could be matched in a different way, according to your own taste and style.

Themed boys rooms

Here’s a great boys theme for the little guy that has his eyes to the sky and dreams of being an astronaut one day. Based on a bold blue color, this room is certainly sure to please any boy that loves space.

It sure is a busy theme, but who could be any busier than a little boy?

If you want to tone the room down a bit you can do as you would with the girl’s bedroom. Purchase some solid colored accessories. In the room pictured here some bright red colors would keep the room alive, pick up some of the red from the comforter and take some of the “busy” out of the room.

The best thing about building a themed room is you are in full control of it every step of the way. If you want accessories to match the comforter theme, you can usually find them online. If you think that a comforter and only one accessory with an exact match is enough you can do that too!

When you start working with these themes you’ll find that your creative juices start overflowing. You’ll start looking for zebra pictures to hang in the girl’s bedroom above and start shopping for zebra beanbag animals. For the boy’s room you may decide to put together a model aircraft with him and then suspend it from the ceiling as a nice added touch. Again, the choice is yours and you can decorate the room by adding some of your flair to it.

Another benefit of using a theme is it gives you direction. No matter whether you are working with single beds, bunkbeds for boys and girls or full- sized beds, you’ll be able to get started. Also, there are super themes that can be mixed and matched for bunkbeds for boys and girls, which makes the decorating that much more exciting!

Start looking at ideas on the Internet to create a masterpiece out of your child’s bedroom. Look around for some different ideas that stand out from the others and show them to your children. If you find that your little girl is stuck on a princess theme or your boy wants the theme from the latest movie he saw, that’s fine. It doesn’t take long for children to grow up and change their tastes. Then you can start redecorating the room again!