Five Designer Products Your Home Will Love

Your living space should be seen as a canvas on which you can paint your own personality and make a statement about who you are. Below are five favourites which marry both form and function quite wonderfully for the perfect interior design solution.

1. Egg cups

Re-inventing objects which we use everyday can be a tricky exercise – but there are plenty of success stories. Take egg cups, for example. Once a traditional oval dish shape on a pedestal, modern designs have seen a range of shapes used with an architectural cubist form a particular favourite.

The great thing about these modern options is they look fantastic in your home; acting as a stylish accessory and a practical gadget in one. Made from hardwearing materials like silicone, they can also achieve good grip on work surfaces making them an ‘egg-celent’ kitchen adornment.

2. Bread bin

Another everyday object getting a futuristic makeover, bread bins come in all shapes and sizes. A particular favourite looks rather like an armoured machine of war with aluminium plates sliding effortlessly over one another.

It is a remarkably innovative and attractive piece of design that, despite its simple and effective function, looks fresh from the space age. Perhaps not to everyone’s taste, if you fancy injecting some clever futuristic styles into your kitchen you need not look aluminium bread bins.

3. Wardrobes

In stark contrast to the last item, some household products opt for a stripped, modern and minimalist style. Designer wardrobes offer plenty of variety and thick wooden varieties are a great way to transcend the gap between modern and traditional.

If you’re struggling to stump up the money for designer additions when renovating your home then cash loans could help, providing you use them responsibly. If redecorating your home in preparation for a sale then these items can act as timely investments which present your home at its best but can be taken to your new property.

4. Napkin holders/rings

Perfect for entertaining, these designer products can be found in various designs ranging from the sophisticated to the outlandish. Whether you go for a bright and bold novelty variety shaped like an animal or something more sophisticated and art-deco with interesting shapes and weaving patterns, you’re sure to make an impression with these quirky accessories.

5. Clock

There is no end to unusual and unique clocks, making this another essential designer household product. Whether you opt for a melted frame or something even more original – such as giant dominoes which represent the time through the arrangement dots on their front – you’ll find plenty of inspiration from these accessories. Creative, unusual and highly functional; what more could you ask for?