How to Find the Right Dining Room Table for Your Space

The dining table is the place where family and friends gather to enjoy bountiful meals, share stories, and catch up on one another’s lives. So it’s not surprising that dining table sales are highest right before the holidays. But there are some things you should know before you run out and purchase the first attractive dining table that catches your attention.


Your lifestyle will determine the type of table you choose. For instance, how and where will you use the table?

If you’ll use the table as an extension of your family room or kitchen, chances are you’ll need a sturdy table that can function as a food prep and homework center. In this instance, you must choose a casual table with a durable and damage proof surface.

If you’re placing the table in your formal dining room, then you’ll have a choice from several ornate dining tables, such as the ones at, with delicate finishes.

Tables with extensions are perfect if you host large gatherings a couple times a year. Use the smaller table for family dinners and extend the table when you have company.

Finally, your own personal preferences will also determine the style of table you choose. There are numerous styles that cater to traditional, modern, eclectic, and other preferences.


The size of the table must be appropriate for the size of the room. There must also be sufficient space to provide comfortable seating for diners.

The table should have a maximum width of 48 inches – wider tables make it difficult for diners to pass food across the table. The minimum width should be 36 inches- otherwise it will be difficult to place serving pieces in the middle of the table.


The shape of the table affects the room’s décor and diners’ comfort. Here are some things to consider:

Rectangular table: Rectangular tables are common because most dining rooms are rectangular. If you have a long, narrow dining room, a rectangular table will be ideal. This shape table is most flexible because it usually includes the option to extend the length.

Square table: Square tables are best used in square rooms. They are ideal for seating smaller groups in a more intimate setting. Place two smaller square tables together to form a rectangular table for momentous occasions.

Round table: Purchase a round table if your dining room is small and square shaped. Round dining tables are cozy and intimate, so reserve them for smaller groups. Take note that large round tables create distance between guests, which is not ideal for hosting dinners at your home. Some round tables include a leaf to change the shape and enlarge the seating space for larger groups.

Oval table: Oval tables have properties that are similar to rectangular tables but visually take up less space because of the rounded corners. Therefore, use an oval table if you have a narrow or small room. Most oval tables come with leaves to extend their seating capacity.

Your dining table plays an essential role in the success of your family dinners and entertaining. Choose a table that fits with your décor but it should also be one that’s comfortable and appropriate for the size and shape of the room.

Amy Grimshaw is a professional organizer. She loves sharing her best tips about how to organize various spaces on homeowner blogs.