Double Glazed UPVC Windows

Although not all windows are double glazed, double glazing is more commonly seen in many of the modern homes today than single glazed windows and it is usually found in uPVC windows. Double glazed windows consist of a vacuum space in between the two glass panes which helps in insulating heat and maintaining a cool temperature within your home. This feature helps preserve energy and cut down potential electricity costs on air conditioning or heating device.

Aside from being environmentally friendly, double glazing uPVC windows also adds a whole new dimension to the aesthetics of your home. You can get them in a wide range of colors, sizes and styles that can fit into just about any kind of room. Not to mention you can also have your double glazed glasses color tinted which also acts as an extra protective layer against sunlight and heat, plus some extra privacy. There are also different types of glass panes to choose from, including diamond and beveled panes.

In the past, uPVC window frames were always seen in white. However in recent years of development, many manufacturers are starting to introduce window frames in new varieties of colors and patterns. If you prefer a more traditional looking window, there are frames with wood grain finish which look exactly just like the real wooden frame windows. Interestingly, you can have these wood style finishes in whether oak, teak or cherry wood finish, and unlike the real hardwood frames, uPVC frames will not swell or rot, as they are not affected by damp. Black window frames are also pretty good looking in modern homes.

Security wise, double glazed windows are much tougher for intruders to barge in or cut through. UPVC windows can be installed with a variety of locking and alarm systems as well as anti-crowbar devices for added safety.

For easier cleaning and maintenance, you can look for rotating, casement or sliding windows with more openings. The more customizations you want in your uPVC windows, the more expensive it can turn out to be. So be sure to quote a price from a few local manufacturers about all the added options such as single, double glazing, tinting, type and size of the windows before making a purchase.