Divan Beds

Unlike ordinary beds, a divan bed is designed with two separate parts, one which is the base and the other which is the mattress. What’s so special about a divan bed is the base. The divan base is built with a solid wooden frame which typically looks like a box. The top of the base may sometimes contain springs or a hard flat cover that is decorated with fabric which matches the mattress cover.

The empty space within the wooden frame box of the base is specially designed as a storage compartment and it is usually installed with a number of drawers. An additional drawer or sliding compartment can also be found at the end of certain types of divan beds.

A divan bed which consists of two or more separated pieces makes it convenient for houses with narrow entrances and walkways, since a lot of houses often do not have doors big enough for a full bed frame to enter. Ideally, the small component pieces and the mattress can be taken into the bedroom one by one and then be assembled into a fully functional divan bed.

The bottom of the base is usually attached with casters for ease of moving, or wooden legs which raise the bed from the floor, similar to a conventional style bed.

You can find divan beds in many different variations. Some of the most common types of divan beds are pocket sprung beds, memory foam beds, hypoallergenic beds, back care beds and orthopedic beds which provide firm support for people with back problems.

Keep in mind though when purchasing a divan bed, the headboard is often sold separately.