Tips to Design like a Pro

Every homeowner who wants to get their home professionally designed will often browse through an interior or home design magazine, and then they will begin to wonder how did these professionals do it. The main question usually is why the colors, patterns, lighting and spaces work so well altogether. Afraid not, the trick is not hard to pull off and there is no need to spend a whole lot of money on it. Just follow these few simple rules and add in some of your own creativity and in no time you will look like a pro.

interior designer

Choosing which color to paint on your wall is pretty much a personal decision. All you need to know is that the chosen color has to live with you for a long time and to hope that it is versatile enough to go with the ever changing trends around your house. Nevertheless, color is what people will notice at first. So it would probably bring in some pressure when you're about to pick a suitable color. If you wanted to play it safe, try using basic colors like white, beige or black and add in some colorful decorations of your choice.


Even if you have achieved the best color combination over your home, lacking of texture will still make them less appealing. When you have a wide and open space such as a blank wall or a bare floor, it is time for you to revive them. Live things up by doing a wall art or using textured paint to fill up the monotony of the wall. If you have paintings or pictures to display, frame and hang them up. As for a bare floor, all you need to do it to throw in a rug or runner that looks good to you. Remember not to overdo things, otherwise it will look messy and being spacious is what makes our home looks good.

Feature View

This simply means that you have to find a focal point and make it interesting for the viewer's eye. It can be your special lighting fixture, contrasted wall color, eye-catchy rug, window with a view, a unique painting or an amazing fireplace. Depending on your own creativity, each room can actually have their own feature view.