Design Your Own DIY Platform Bed

Designing and building your own platform bed is fun and it saves you money. With just a few simple steps, you can transform a simple wooden box into a platform bed within just a few hours. A homemade bed is more practical, easily moveable and definitely causes less trouble to your back.

First of all you will have to make sure that you have the right DIY tools in order to build a perfect platform bed. You will need a measuring tape, a power saw (in case the wood is not precut), a power screwdriver and drill, hammer and nails, cloths for applying wood sealant, sandpaper and perhaps some of your own preferable tools. Multiple layers can be used to make up the bed such as mattresses for the base, sheets, covers, duvets and blankets on the top, and last but not least, some fancy pillows and decors with matching colors.

Grab a piece of paper and sketch down a design plan. Decide on the features of the platform, such as a headboard and footboard or a rim attached around the edge to secure the bed. If you have no idea at all, try looking for different designs of daybeds and best mattress ideas at your local stores or purchase a professional design plan from the internet. Next you will have to determine the actual size and measurements of the bed.

Measure the length and width of your mattress and add a few inches to the length to allow some free space for the platform to fit. If you are planning to attach a rim, add its width to the total mattress width as well. Then, decide on the final height of the entire bed according to your personal preference, some like it higher, some like it lower.

When you have come to a decision about your preferred height, subtract it from the total thickness of the mattresses to get the height of the platform. If you are adding single headboards and footboard, count them in as well.

As for the platform's material, consider using common 3/4-inch plywood for better flexibility and cost effectivity. Particle board can be another great option but it is stiffer. Cut your materials according to the measurements using a power saw or have them cut in a workshop by professionals. Sand the woods when necessary and seal the parts together before assembly.

Pick a good spot in your bedroom for the platform and assemble it there. Attach both headboard and footboard with L-brackets to lock them in position. Now the platform is ready to support the mattresses.