Decorating Your Teenage Son's Room

If your teenage son still sleeps in a room with Sonic the Hedgehog wallpaper, it may be time for a full makeover. Many teenage boys are gadget crazy and this could provide the focus for designing a new space, and is perfect for if you’re renting. Teenage boys do tend to be accident prone, especially where spillages are concerned and it is best to be sure that electronic equipment is covered for this type of accidental damage as it won’t automatically be covered by your landlord’s insurance.

Keep the colour palette simple and neutral or go for masculine shades, perhaps with a hint of a bold colour for contrast. White walls can look a bit clinical and can become grubby or discoloured quite quickly, so for something with more staying power go for shades of cream or beige or even grey or pale blue.

Green is a very restful colour and can be partnered with a stronger lime or olive shade for a statement wall. If choosing a strong paint colour doesn't appeal, then stick to one shade and pick out strong shades in the accessories for a subtle splash of colour. For instance, choose a large poster with a bold design in bright colours for a centre piece above the bed and pick out the tones in the poster for bedding, cushions and rugs.

Murals are a great idea and easy to do with a projector and acetate image, but do remember that tastes change and your son's favourite character, activity, band, or hobby may have fallen by the wayside in a couple of years time.

Carpet or Wooden Floor?

Choosing flooring for a bedroom can be a bit tricky where teenagers are concerned. A carpet may be the first choice, but there is always the risk of staining from spilled drinks, broken pens and the like. A wooden floor is easier to keep clean, but tends to be noisy in an upstairs room, especially with a group of teenage boys stomping around when friends visit. If a carpet is your preference, choose one that can be treated with a stain protector. To reduce noise with a wooden floor, look for underlay that offers good sound insulation.

Grown-up Space

When furnishing the room, choose a comfortable bed and mattress that will last a while. Themed or character beds won't always be in favour as your son grows up, so choose one that is simple yet stylish. If you have the space, it might be a good idea to provide a seating area with a sofa, sofa bed or gaming chairs so that friends can call round for a gaming session. A wall-mounted flat-screen TV will save space and is ideal for computer games. Add a coffee table if space allows for drinks and snacks.

A corner or curved desk will provide a space-saving place to study or use the laptop on. Add a funky ergonomic chair for comfort during those long evenings of revising or social networking.