Day Beds for YOUR Home

Arguable the busiest time of year is approaching and never a time do we all need more help with putting up our loved ones. Traditionally we have all opted for sofa beds as are first point of call for its versatile benefits. While certainly useful they can limit your styling options, particularly in smaller properties.

Over the last few years the design of day beds has significantly improved and have really opened the realm of possibility regardless of your current décor. Whether you select a wooden day bed or a metal piece – it really can help to plan its positioning. If you are fortunately to have a large bay window of another area of significant lighting (a conservatory perhaps) then I strongly urge you to look no further. With the correct soft furnishings to accessorise it can be easy to create a chic and inviting area of the home, usually something totally different to other areas of the home.

I personally looked for a wooden piece as the finish gives such a welcoming tone to my room. Coupled with bright cushions I demonstrated how simple it can be to add such simple additions to any room. You can do this to! Pricing these days really did surprise me. What would have cost me almost £400 several years ago was almost half this with a great discount available on the matching mattresses. Be careful when selecting the depth of your mattress for any sliding trundle!

There are also various options with the standing of the trundle, whether sliding or free standing in double fashion there are plenty of options available in the market place to suit your individual requirements. Importantly I have noticed such a variety in dimensions which can really aid small guest rooms or box rooms – get measuring and in my opinion snap up a bargain before the family arrive!